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"Few speakers have mastered the art of storytelling that captives their audience and delivers the message with the humor, empathy, and power needed to facilitates life change. Angela Stout's story wrecked us all in a beautiful way at this year's Women's Conference."



"Angela had the most welcoming and loving spirit when she joined us for our recent Women's Retreat. From the moment she walked through the door she began connecting with guests and volunteers. Throughout our two day retreat Angela not only shared her testimony but also incorporated hands-on activities that connected each lady to the experience. Those activities became tools the participants began to put to work through interactive breakout sessions as they chiseled away all the lies and hurts harbored within their souls. Angela was intentional in connecting with each guest and made her self available throughout the entire retreat. Our guests and volunteers were abundantly blessed by her faithfulness, a truly gifted and inspirational speaker."




Angela's open and raw transparency allowed the holy spirit to do his work in me! God changed my plans to have me in this place with a friend. I wished that all my friends had been able to participate. Not only did Angela grace us with a deep connection to reality, she also made us laugh and provided tangible tools for making strides to healing my past. The entire weekend was focused on truth rooted in the grace God provides. Angela's teaching was both inspirational and motivational. I left this experience empowered to take back the value God has given me, despite my past experiences, and claim I am a daughter of the King!


Angela Stout sensed a calling into ministry at the age of 16, and she began singing in churches throughout Indiana and Ohio. Later she attended Central Bible College, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and and an Associate of Arts in Vocal Music.  Angela's career took her on a journey where she was a National Senior Trainer for Fortune 500 companies teaching classes across the U.S. Angela is a John Maxwell Team Certified Speaker, Trainer, Teacher, and Coach and a Certified Maxwell Method Advanced Behavioral Analysis Consultant. The passion to change lives personally, professional, and spiritually has been and always will be the driving force that motivates her. Angela's ability to teach and connect the biblical concepts with applicable tools and methods inspires and motives others to a transformational change.