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You Can!

Scriptures: Philippians 4:13; Matthew 19:26

Working with potential University students all over the country, I have heard stories of students with seemingly dire circumstances strive to accomplish goals that the average man would be crushed and left with little hope. From a quadriplegic over the age of 60 who was accepted into the University to obtain her Bachelor’s degree, to a single mom of 5 children who wanted to get a degree but was dying of cancer, to a man recently out of prison who needed to find his GED so he can simply attend college to improve himself….have shown the tenacious mindsets that will not let go.

Then there are those who are completely healthy, who have the physical and mental ability to get an education, but limit themselves for various reasons such as not having a laptop or concern for their ability to come up with the finances. These are very good reasons. However, they have chosen by their mindsets to limit or entirely halt the slightest potential of attainability prior to starting the process. Instead of applying and utilizing resources given to see what is possible, they automatically choose for themselves the impossible and therefore have made the decision that they are not capable.

Common to both groups of people are 3 things: 1) They have a mind to choose next steps, 2) They have the same resources and tools available to them to utilize for their circumstances, and 3) They have an advocate who believes in them and supporting them through the process. The difference in the results comes down to their mindsets and how they think about their situation. Dr. Caroline Leaf said, “Whatever you think about the most grows in your mind. What you choose to focus on will be imprinted into your brain, affecting what you say and do. It is important to remember that what and how you are learning will either lead to success or failure. The power of the mind brings with it great responsibility.”

That leads to what we think and believe about God and His Word. We all have the same resources - an Almighty God and Creator of the Universe. He created the world from nothing (Genesis 1), He knitted you together in your mother’s womb (Psalm 139), Jesus who saves you (John 3:16), and the Bible as an instruction manual for life (Hebrews 4:12). We have an advocate - Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth (John 14:26;16:13). And we each have a mind to choose.

We can choose to believe and work in conjunction with our advocate to utilize the resources given to us or we can choose to complain and focus on what is wrong or what could go wrong and thereby limit any future action. God does miracles, but many times the miracle begins with you believing and taking action steps forward - even if it is one foot in front of the other.

What do you need to change? Look at your resources and instruction manual. What action step or course correction should you take personally or professionally? I know you can you can do it!

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