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"I thought this course had great information to help our leadership development. I personally am grateful to participate in this training and will take key points to help my individual growth as well as help my peers develop as a future leader with US Foods. I work at the local level which I came to understand quickly has the biggest impact from a leadership standpoint on those around us. Having the focus on communication was outstanding as that has the biggest influence to help lead, inspire and build a successful organization from a career and personal standpoint."

- Wade, Manager (Fortune 500 Company)

"I enjoyed the webinar today and I have ordered the book. 55% of communication is what we see! Good reminder. And, when communicating,  stop multi-tasking (not referring to you. Lol)! It shows even if the person can’t see you. It has its place but it is habit for many. I loved your energy!"

 - Rhoda, HR Generalist (Fortune 500 Company)

"The meeting was great.  I kept thinking two hours!!  Lol. But it went by very fast!  Gave me some things to think about and some things to work on as well! Thank you so much!" 

- Becky, Manager (Fortune 500 Company)

"Few speakers have mastered the art of storytelling that captives their audience and delivers the message with the humor, empathy, and power needed to facilitates life change. Angela Stout's story wrecked us all in a beautiful way at this year's Women's Conference."


"The very first thing I noticed about Angela's speaking style was her ability to connect with her audience almost instantly. Angela led several sessions for our real estate agents with style! Real estate agents can easily find themselves in uncharted waters in the ever changing world of sales. Her strengths are characteristically classic methods that most people forget to follow. First, her positive, effervescent presentations start with a smile and sincere desire to know with whom she is speaking. Next, and probably the real reason we wanted her on our education platform, was she instills hope. Hope we can accomplish our goals (she set our class objectives) and finally presented the curriculum where we could actually "do" the steps she taught. The icing on the proverbial cake was always insisting we become accountable to our promises and opportunities we had to ourselves, our families and to our future."


"Angela's open and raw transparency allowed the holy spirit to do his work in me! God changed my plans to have me in this place with a friend. I wished that all my friends had been able to participate. Not only did Angela grace us with a deep connection to reality, she also made us laugh and provided tangible tools for making strides to healing my past. The entire weekend was focused on truth rooted in the grace God provides. Angela's teaching was both inspirational and motivational. I left this experience empowered to take back the value God has given me, despite my past experiences, and claim I am a daughter of the King!


"Angela had the most welcoming and loving spirit when she joined us for our recent Women's Retreat. From the moment she walked through the door she began connecting with guests and volunteers. Throughout our two day retreat Angela not only shared her testimony but also incorporated hands-on activities that connected each lady to the experience. Those activities became tools the participants began to put to work through interactive breakout sessions as they chiseled away all the lies and hurts harbored within their souls. Angela was intentional in connecting with each guest and made her self available throughout the entire retreat. Our guests and volunteers were abundantly blessed by her faithfulness, a truly gifted and inspirational speaker."



"Angela brought such fantastic energy to our training days with her. The audience especially enjoyed her, I believe, because she really listens to their needs and responds and adapts accordingly. Caring, thoughtful, relatable and authoritative without being patronizing or bossy. Such a great balancing act to draw out and address the needs of our team!"


"Thank you Angela! You have made a difference in my career! I am so very grateful!"


"I feel so blessed...Thank you for your amazing support and training. You made me feel confident and worthy of earning this Listing.  I learned so much from your class."

- Denise, Realtor®


“Angela Stout is terrific. She is inspiring, always has a smile on her face and is so positive. Yet she takes her job seriously and look at me now...I have a terrific first year."

- Christopher, Realtor®


"Angela Stout is so good and the course so good.  I walked out of that class ready to do my job in an awesome way.  Angela is so much fun, experienced, motivating, enthusiastic, energetic, funny, and talented. It was awesome!”

- Dave, Realtor®

"Involves & engages class with ideas & clear tips on how to improve business."


"Experience, high energy, enthusiasm, knowledge. Motivation & great advice!"


"Personable, easy to listen to, experienced, interactive and inviting! A relevant, excellent educator."


"Easy to listen to. Experienced, interactive and inviting."

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